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01 февраля 2011
Доступна функция экспорта и импорта задач в формате CSV для Google Task и Outlook.
2011 January 18
Теперь OpenTask.Net еще более безопасен - вход в аккаунт осуществляется через безопасный SSL-канал.
2010 December 20
Added the ability to login without a login and password, using OpenID providers: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Vkonakte etc.
2010 November 22
Realized the function of a reminder of the task on schedule
2010 November 15
Added ability to select a language.

Open Task a small service that allows you to create "tasks" or "events". For each task you can specify an end date, write a text that needs to be done or to discuss and invite people who have to implement this task.

Your friends do not want to register? Invite them without registration

Undoubtedly, many social networks and some of the resources provide an opportunity to collectively discuss anything, assigning the date on which the event has occurred. But if you confronted with a situation when not all participants are users of the resource, chosen by you? These people flatly refuse to register and you have to send them to the discussion course in various ways, to learn their opinion and to be a link between them and the registered participants. At we have tried to make the collective decision of tasks comfortable and convenient for all participants.

Assign the task to friends or colleagues it's even easier - send Email with the invitation and discuss the nuances of

At the OpenTask requires registration on the website only the one who creates a task. You have to fill in a few fields in the relevant section of the site. After registration, the user will be provided with private area, where he can create an unlimited quantity of tasks.

Get notified by Email of new comments to the task with text commentary

Creator of a task invites participants by sending them an invitation to Email. Potential participants receive the notification referring to "event". They pass on the link and become full participants on a level with registered users of the site. All invitees under this task can freely discuss, comment, and even if the creator allows, manage some settings.

The invitation reference is unique and is generated personally for each participant. For additional safety it is possible to set a password for an input in a task.

Notifications of new comments come all the participants in the Email. Also there is comment's text in every letter. It can be useful for those people who are very busy and only are able to check e-mails or for those, who have restrictions on access to the Internet.

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